TransportationTask Force

Kenai Peninsula

What needs to be considered?

In addition to the state, local governments have responsibilities and needs related to transportation. Can those plans and investments be better coordinated? Can roads, sidewalks, mass transit, highways and bridges be better coordinated to provide an improved travel experience and a better return on the taxpayers’ investment? 

What are the alternatives?

What are the best potential strategies for meeting central Kenai Peninsula's transportation needs? What ideas have been considered? What are the pros and cons of various funding policy scenarios? What scenarios are the most equitable? 

Topics Under Consideration

Where is the region heading?

Where are our demographics headed? Where will people live and how will they get around? How will technology affect transportation and travel choices? What transportation and transit investment will be needed to drive the economy? What is the current and projected funding available to pay for them? We need to gather current data, community opinion and work toward research for a strong foundation. 

Your Opinion matters.

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